NEW RELEASE: Bebe Cool's Katono

Gagamel boss Bebe Cool has lived to his promise by releasing yet another song.

On the heels of ‘Mboozi Za Malwa’, which is already receiving fair airplay in the country, he has released a new single titled ‘Katono’.

‘Katono’ is a Luganda word which means ‘small’ and it’s a Dancehall tune guaranteed to make everyone dance away to every beat of the song. In this dancehall anthem, Bebe Cool says: “You borrow money to wed your wife but instead the lender takes off with your wife (after you fail to pay back).”

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The song’s message is all about being content with the little things in our lives as opposed to flossing with borrowed stuff or worse still living beyond our means, all in the name of creating an impression on society.

It further discourages endless borrowing to satisfy society’s demands at the expense of one’s future. ‘Katono’ was recorded in Kampala – Uganda (East Africa), written by Black Skin, Produced by Eno Beats, Video shot by Sasha Vybzy and Mastered / Mixed by Ogopa Inc.

Bebe Cool is currently in Kenya for the Coke Studio Africa, where he recorded a song with American musician, Jason Derulo.



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