Buganda Kingdom and Uganda Breweries Limited officials at the launch of Engule

Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL) has announced a special promotional offer for Ngule Lager in celebration of the Kabaka’s 24th coronation anniversary, on July 31.

Dubbed ‘Omutanda Agabudde’, the offer will see the beer sold at a special price of Shs1,500. Ngule is a Luganda word that means ‘crown’ or ‘reward’.

The announcement was made at a press conference at Bulange addressed by the Buganda Kingdom Deputy Minister of Finance, Owek. Mulema Mukasa and Uganda Breweries Marketing Director, Juliana Kagwa.

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Ngule, which was launched in January 2016, is the official kingdom beer produced under a partnership between Uganda Breweries and the Buganda Kingdom. This partnership consists of a revenue sharing agreement that is beneficial to both entities.

“In celebration of His Majesty’s coronation anniversary, we today announce a special promotional offer of Shs1, 500 on Ngule as a reward to his loyal subjects. Our brands are made to be part of celebratory occasions and we would like to join the people of Buganda to commemorate the Kabaka’s coronation and celebrate this joyous occasion,” said Kagwa.

This year’s coronation anniversary is being held under the theme ‘Useful utilization of land for the upliftment of the wellbeing of the people of Buganda’.


In his remarks, Buganda’s Deputy Minister of Finance, Mulema Mukasa said the promotional offer was a reward to Kabaka’s loyal subjects as they celebrate his coronation.

Buganda Kingdom Deputy Minister of Finance, Owek. Mulema Mukasa and Uganda Breweries Marketing Director, Juliana Kagwa

“The Kingdom of Buganda is essentially about promotion and sustenance of culture and heritage. The Kabaka’s coronation is one such celebration. It is only fitting that our people celebrate with Ngule, the official Kingdom beer,” he said.

He further thanked the people of Buganda for heeding the call to grow cassava from which Ngule is brewed.

“In the 2016/17 budget, the kingdom set aside UGX 500 million to start a cassava nursery in all the 18 counties and UGX 3 billion to procure coffee, matooke, and cassava seedlings. This was done to enable farmers meet the demand from UBL to brew Ngule. This support has been channeled through Majestic Brands and Buganda Cultural and Development Foundation (BUCADEF),” he added.

In the previous financial year, the Kingdom earned royalties worth UGX.515 million from Ngule between January and June 2016. This was handed over to Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga.

The beer is made from local ingredients; cassava and sorghum, which are exclusively sourced from the kingdom.

“This beer has contributed to socio-economic growth of the Kingdom. Through the local sourcing of agricultural inputs like cassava to brew the beer, Ngule has contributed to the uplifting of livelihoods of His Majesty’s subjects. Buganda Kingdom has a 5-year strategic plan that focuses on leveraging all the kingdom’s resources to lift His Majesty’s people out of poverty and the partnership with Uganda Breweries to produce Ngule beer, is one of those projects,” Katikkiro added.

Ngule is one of the most affordable beers on the market, a deliberate decision by UBL to get more Ugandans to consume formal beer, thus moving them away from illegitimate, poor quality and potentially hazardous alcohol.

Owekitibwa Mulema Mukasa further said the royalties that the Kingdom was earning from the commercial venture with UBL were being re-invested to develop key sectors in Buganda such as health, education and sanitation.