FLED UGANDA FOR KYEYO: Abbey Tatya Rafsanjani

The ongoing axe at UBC TV by the new management has left many employees jobless.

Among those is the station’s former spokesperson, Abbey Rafsanjani Tatya, who left the station a month ago.

We have reliably learnt that on leaving the station, the former KFM presenter couldn’t stand the current poverty ravaging Ugandans and he reportedly connections to get a visa and then used part of his savings and to buy an air ticket to the US.

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He is currently on Kyeyo in the US but has successfully kept this a secret, at least for the last month that he has spent in Donald Trump’s country. Not even his close friends know about it.

According to a source, he is staying at a home of a Ugandan in Lowell, Boston. Former NTV presenter, Robin Kisti, also stays in the same city, which is home to many Ugandan and Kenyan migrants in the US.



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