HERE WE ARE: Fans who turned up for the Infinix S2 Pro event

The Infinix S2 Pro has gained massive acceptance and wild sale success thanks to its dedication to selfie lovers and freaks.

The world is evolving and at the same time changing, no doubt. The selfie era is here, and with the like of applications like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and the likes still in existence, the era isn’t ending soon. The Infinix S2 Pro had to evolve as well to the increased and widespread selfie demands of smartphone users.

One of the phone-winning fans poses for a photo with organisers

Infinix Mobile Uganda often meets its fans and their last meeting was to brief their clients on the benefits of this particular phone – Infinix S2 Pro.

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In attendance at the event held at Hotel Triangle in Kampala were fans that have already acquired the phone and Infinix staff.

The chief guest of the day was Zahara Abdul, an award winning photojournalist.

She took the fans through some of the basics that can be enjoyed by only owners of the Infinix S2 Pro courtesy of its 13MP + 8MP front cameras and 13MP back camera.

“The two front cameras work well both in low and normal light. The flash can be set to normal or strong as per one’s preferences,” she began her lecture.

With an aid of a projector, she showcased some of the photos she had taken with her Infinix S2 Pro. “I normally prefer taking a photo without a flash. The flash always directs light to the object and the reflected light makes it lose its quality.”
She proved this by showing photos of the same object taken with and without light. Indeed the photo of an image taken with a flash on was shinny, and the words on it were hardly visible contrary to one taken with the flash off.
“Always try as much as you can to avoid a flash. You should also utilize the feature of thirds. This will help you take some of the most amazing photos. While using this feature, never place the object in the middle. Always place it on the sides. You’ll come up with beautiful photos. Soon, taking photos might become one of your passions,” Zahara said.

She added: “These photos can be shared on your social media or can be entered in competitions where you stand a chance of winning yourself some money.”
Zahara with her photo ‘Seeking Light’ won a first prize worth 1,500 euros last month at the photography competition sponsored by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, which attracted around 200 (hobby) photographers.

Meanwhile, fans also took their photos and shared on social media. The fan who had most ‘likes’ walked away with a brand new


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