Minister Joy Kabatsi addressing the press at the Media Centre in Kampala at a past event.

Milk production in Uganda continues to grow at a rate of 8-10 per cent, standing at 2.2 billion liters by the end of 2016, up from 1.5 billion liters in 2010.

Addressing the media today at the Media Centre, the State Minister for Agriculture and Animal Industry Joy Kabatsi said that government would commission a milk Collection Centre in Masindi during celebrations to mark the ‘Annual Diary Month’ that will be held at the Boma Grounds in Masindi Municipality on June 27-29.

The ‘Dairy Month’ is celebrated worldwide to pay tribute to contributions of dairy farmers, and in Uganda the Diary Development Agency (DDA) is coordinating the celebrations to be held under the theme ‘Adopting Technology for Enhanced Milk Production and Consumption’.

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Minister Kabatsi said that the country now exports milk powder, ghee, butter and cream to Kenya and South Sudan among other neighboring countries.

“On that day for Ugandans will celebrate the achievements and the progress registered in the sector,” Ms. Kabatsi said, adding: “Less than 10 years ago, Uganda was a huge importer of dairy products from Kenya despite the abundance of milk in the country due to limited infrastructure that hindered the collection and processing of milk but this has changed.”

According to the Minister, the government has now shifted focus to boost the producers’ earnings.

“In the past, government’s effort has mainly been focused on improving and supporting dairy sector players to access markets and adding value. However, this time the government has allocated some funds for key players that will be acquired through loans in order to boost their businesses,” she said.