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DRC exiles in SA protest against Kabila, Zuma talks

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Citizens of the Democratic Republic of Congo expressed disappointment at the South African government for hosting embattled DRC President Joseph Kabila in the country.

Kabila and his delegation were in South Africa for a bi-national commission.

A handful of DRC citizens protested outside the gates leading to the Sefako Makgatho presidential guesthouse where Kabila and Zuma met behind closed doors.

“Mr Kabila has held us as hostages in our own country. We are prisoners in our own country‚” said Jean Bwasa‚ a human rights activist and spokesperson for the Congolese community living in South Africa.

“Mr Jacob Zuma should not have allowed or hosted Mr Joseph Kabila because he is illegitimate.”

Bwasa explained that as stated in the DRC constitution‚ Kabila should have organised fresh elections in December last year in preparation for his successor.

This did not happen.

He lambasted Kabila for failing to adhere to a Constitution which the country drafted with the assistance of the South African government.

Meanwhile, Esale-Prince Mpinda of the National Council of the Congolese for Development in SA said the meeting between Zuma and Kabila would be fruitless.

“When the DRC officially has a new government‚ whatever agreements are reached between Zuma and Kabila would be regarded void‚ Mpinda said.

”It is a private meeting and the Congolese government tomorrow will not consider any signature which Kabila puts down‚” he added.

Mpinda said Zuma’s failure to address the concerns of the Congolese nation made him an “accomplice to what is happening in the DRC”.

Bwasa said freedom of speech was non-existent in the DRC and issues such as rape continued to thrive under the watch of Kabila.

“Over 450‚000 women are raped monthly in the DRC‚” said Bwasa. The small group of protesters‚ armed with a loud hailer‚ DRC flags and placards said they were glad that “the red carpet was not rolled out for Kabila”.

“He did not use the official entrance which means that he has run away from only 10 citizens from the Congo. What is he running from if he really is president? Why can he not come and address the citizens of his country‚” questioned Bwasa.


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