Bags of coffee beans for export

Uganda’s coffee exports went upwards in the month of May as they rose 25.2% to reach 408,454 60 -kilo bags from the 326,232 bags exported in April, the Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) says in the latest report released just hours ago.

UCDA is the lead agency responsible for the development of the coffee subsector, and its report shows that the May coffee exports earned the country USD$47.6 million, which was 20.8% higher that the USD$39.4 million the country earned in April. The May exports were higher, given that UCDA had anticipated exporting 300,000 bags.

Uganda grows both Arabica and Robusta coffee, much of it produced by small-holder farmers. The country produces more Robusta than Arabica coffee but Arabica coffee fetches high prices on the world market because its sweet aroma.

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The country exported 324,640 bags of Robusta coffee, accounting for 79.48%compared to 83,814 bags of Arabica coffee.

‘June exports are projected at 420,000 bags since the fly crop from central and eastern regions has started ripening and the main season in Masaka and South western region has also started’, UCDA says.

The May report further indicates that the Authority has given out 102, 401, 992 coffee seedlings to farmers across the country.

UCDA also divulged that coffee farmers’ registration pilot study in Mukono is continuing, with 25,000 households registered so far.

Uganda is Africa’s number one coffee exporter while Ethiopia, which consumes most of its coffee. is the continent’s largest coffee producer. Most Ugandans consume tea instead of coffee.

Uganda exports her coffee mainly to the European Union, Sudan, Algeria and India. Other countries that import Uganda’s coffee are Tunisia, Morocco, USA, Japan, South Africa and China, among others.







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