The Parliamentary Committee on Statutory Authorities and States Enterprises (COSASE) has warned the proprietor of Nalongo Estates Limited’s proprietor, Sarah Kizito, against obstructing government projects.

It is understood that in the ongoing feud between the Nyakanas and the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), Ms Kizito refused to allow National Water and Sewerage Corporation access to the premises hence blocking them from laying sewerage pipes.

The Katuntu probe committee has ordered that the National Water should be allowed access.

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“As we leave now, the Contractor of NWSC should be granted unfettered access to the land he needs to do the NWSC project. If we get to know that actually you have organized any obstruction, then we shall be involving other powers that we have as Parliament,” Mr Katuntu ordered.

The contractor National Water hired to lay the sewerage pipes fined the water authority Shs979m in loses they have incurred due to failure to do the job.

Presenting her case before MPs, Kizito accused Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Executive Director, Jenifer Musisi of witch hunt, questioning why she defied Museveni’s orders to have her lease renewed. However, Kizito’s remarks infuriated Katuntu, who chipped in immediately, demanding to protect the office of President.

He schooled Ms Kizito on the powers of the President of Uganda, saying he governs the nation based on provisions of the Constitution.

Katuntu also informed Ms Kizito that Museveni has no powers to give out any land in Uganda and, shouldn’t be used as a scapegoat for bad deeds.

“What we will not tolerate is any sabotage of public infrastructure. Nobody should sabotage public infrastructure. You are Ugandans, this money, your children will pay back this money,” he said.

Ms Kizito’s husband Godfrey Nyakana, who introduced himself as Personal Assistant to his wife, asked Parliament to compel KCCA to renew its lease, so as it handles compensation of UNRA and NWSC in person.

“Whatever the case, NEL has a right and interest in the development at Centenary Park land. Giving it to UNRA without renewing the lease would kill Nalongo Estate’s right to compensation,” Nyakana’s statement read in part.

But Nyakana’s request left MPs perplexed especially after Nyakana had earlier admitted that Nalongo Estates’ lease expired and the land reverted back to KCCA.

The probe will continue tomorrow with Inspector General of Police, Gen. Kale Kayihura, set to appear before the Committee.

Kayihura is set to be questioned over security matters surrounding the premises, after issues arose on the floor that Nyakana has been organizing goons, to obstruct Government officials from accessing the premises.


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