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Gov’t releases new salary structure for civil servants

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The government through Ministry of Public Service has released a new salary structure for the financial year 2017/2018 indicating increment in the salaries of some top officials.

In the new structure, the head of public service will earn Shs17 million a month, up from Shs4 million, while his deputy who has been earning Shs4 million, will now will take home Shs16 million.

Similarly, Permanent Secretaries are to earn Shs15 million monthly, up from Shs3.7 million.

Interestingly, salaries for Deputy Secretary to the Treasury, Accountant General and Auditor General have remained at Shs3 million each per month.

“Due to limited resources, government has not been able to enhance salaries for public servants for FY 2017/2018 except for teaching and non-teaching staff in the public universities whose wage has been enhanced by a total of Shs19.625 billion” reads a circular released by Ministry of Public Service.

The other beneficiaries are the Vice Chancellors of the Public Universities and other top dons in institutions of higher learning whose salaries have been increased, and in the new structure, a VC will earn Shs10 million up from Shs9 million monthly. Also, a professor will earn Shs8,487,707 up from Shs8,031,761, while an Associate Professor is going to earn Shs7,965,011 up from Shs7,537,144.

The government has also increased salaries for non-teaching staff, with a director at any institution earning Shs8, 487,708 up from Shs8, 031,761.

The salaries for other civil servants remain unchanged.

Below is the list 

Salary structure from Public Service (1)

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