DURING HAPPIER DAYS: Ghetto men Bobi Wine and Buchaman

Former Fire Base Vice President Bucha Man is plotting to ‘overthrow’ his former boss Bobi Wine as Ghetto President.

We’ve learnt that the ‘Temumatila’ hitmaker is planning to swear in as the new Ghetto president, amid claims that “Bobi Wine is no longer a Ghetto person.”

According to Buchaman, Bobi Wine betrayed his people in the Ghetto when he disrespected his ‘presidential’ post and went for a ‘smaller’ post of MP.

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Speaking to the media, Buchaman said he plans to be sworn-in as the new Ghetto president on Tuesday, the same day on which Bobi will be sworn in as an MP.

Meanwhile, this won’t be the first time Ugandans will be seeing parallel swearing in; former presidential candidate Kiiza Besigye has previously also held a parallel swearing in as President, an act that landed him in prison on treason charges.


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