an mtn mobile money outlet

The unexplained breakdown of the MTN Mobile Money service early today has affected businesses, with estimates by businessmen put at hundreds of millions.

In Kikuubo, the business hub of the Central Business District (CBD) several businesspersons were overheard complaining that they had failed to get supplies and other related services after failing to transact on the MTN platform.

“MTN is the biggest mobile money platform in the country and such a breakdown grossly affects the way we conduct business,” said Jamada Lukwago, a businessman in Kikuubo. His sentiments were echoed by several other people, from different walks of life.

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By press time MTN had offered no explanation as regards the hitch, but company staff contacted said there was a ‘technical fault which is being handled’.

“Normally, when it is a planned activity we inform our customers but this is a technical matter but it is being addressed,” the staff said on condition of anonymity.