Being Investigated: Former IGP Gen. Kale Kayihura

Following criticism from the public, the Uganda Police has distanced itself from media reports indicating that the Inspector General of Police, General Kale Kayihura, last week banned Ugandans from debating the age limit for presidency.

Quoting a newspaper that wrote: ‘Age limit debate is strictly in Parliament but not in schools or villages,’ police Spokesperson Asan Kasingye issued a press release today, distancing Gen. Kayihura from the said words.

‘The IGP did not use those words as alleged by the journalist at any one time and neither did he communicate to anyone on phone,’ part of the press release states.

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Further, Kasingye said Gen. Kayihura has not ordered any of his officers to ban public debates in universities and other platforms.

‘Ignore the baseless and unfounded stories’ he said.

It is instructive to note that some Ugandans, mostly those in opposition, have accused the Uganda Police of being partisan and favouring the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM).

The Constitution of Uganda says any one aged 75 and above cannot run for the presidency of Uganda, but unconfirmed reports indicate Ugandan parliamentarians, majority of them from the ruling NRM, want to amend the particular provision to enable Mr. Museveni run for president in 2021.

The NRMovement has been in power since 1986 when it toppled the Tito Okello government.

Meanwhile, President Museveni was elected last year for what is supposed to be his last term of office because in 2021, he will be above 75 years, making him ineligible to participate as candidate for President.

However, some Ugandans think Museveni still has much to offer to the country and therefore want him to contest come 2021.