TWO DEGREES: GNL Zamba reading books at home

As pressure continues to pile on the Governor Bank of Uganda, Emmanuel Mutebile over the Crane Bank Scam, one person has already expressed interest in the position and guess who it is? Rapper GNL Zamba!

GNL Zamba says that being a holder of two degrees, and one who run ‘Baboon Forest’ as chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Zamba believes he can comfortably replace Prof. Mutebile because he is well versed with ‘stock exchange and international banking’.

“If I can’t replace Governor Mutebire, I think NEMA and the ministry concerned with our wildlife and environment will be a natural fit. I am one of the few artistes in Uganda who can explain GDP, Balance of trade, Devaluation and Sustainable Development without going to Google,” he boasted about his credentials on social media.

However, one fan had this to say; “Explaining GDP and balance of trade!!! Come on, you can do better than that!! That’s f5 economics…..”

Reacting to the comment, GNL Zamba said: “Right now your leaders can’t even pronounce the word ‘Diligently’, they say ‘Delident’ at every swearing in ceremony. That is how bad it is. Me offering my candidacy is like giving you a professor when you are asking for an SST teacher.”

Do you think GNL can salvage our deteriorating economy?