Business people sorting out Irish Potatoes

Prices of Irish Potatoes have fallen sharply in the eastern region, a kilogramme trading at an average price of Shs900 on wholesale and Shs1050 on retail, the latest market report shows.

The ‘Commodity Market Analysis Report’ attributes the low price of Irish Potatoes in the region to increased supply of the same in the markets, with supplies coming mainly from Mbale and Kapchorwa districts.

The central region which includes Kampala, Wakiso and Mukono, registered the second lowest average per kilogramme of Irish Potatoes, selling at Shs1200 for  wholesale and Shs1500 on retail.

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Western region registered an average of Shs1300 on wholesale and Shs 1550 on retail while Northern region registered the highest price at an average of Shs 1800 on wholesale and Shs2000 on retail.

Reports indicate that the reason for the high price of Irish Potatoes in the northern region was mainly because most of the people there consume other foods like millet, sorghum, maize flour among others.

Meanwhile, the average price of a bunch of Matooke shot up by Shs3000 and Shs4000 on wholesale and retail respectively, the report shows.

The report attributes the rise in the price of bananas to low supply of the commodity in the markets. Uganda’s markets, mostly those in the city get their Matooke supplies mainly from the western region of the country.

Kalerwe market that is located in the east of Kampala and is known for offering cheap foodstuffs, registered an increase in the price a bunch of Matooke at an average of Shs1000 on wholesale and Shs2000 on retail.

Meanwhile, the report it is anticipated that the prices of foodstuffs will drop in a few weeks’ time.

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