ARRESTED: DP President Norbert Mao being whisked away by police.

Democratic Party (DP) President Norbert Mao has been arrested while on his way to the City Square after launching the Togikwatako campaign, aimed at denouncing any amendment to the Constitution to remove the age limit cap that stands at 75 years.

Mao has been arrested together with other DP members including the party’s Secretary General Dr. Gerald Siranda, Amama Mbabazi’s former spokesperson Moses Bigirwa and the mayor of Mukono Ronald Kagimu. The MP for Kalungu West Joseph Sewungu walked to Central Police Station, Kampala, where those arrested were taken.

The Togikwatako campaign is aimed at stopping any changes to Article 102 (b) that sets the maximum age for one competing for presidency at 75 years.

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Mao invited all Ugandans, political parties to join the campaign including the police claiming that they are also Ugandan and needs the salaries incremented and improvement of their welfare.

Earlier, while addressing members of the press at DP headquarters, Mao said President Museveni keeps changing his position on matters of Uganda’s presidency.

“Museveni said he wanted to rule for two years after 1986, later he said I must test the drive of the rule of law, after the formation of multiparty he said I must test the drive of multi-party politics, then after the formation of the 1995 Constitution that agitated to rule for two terms, in 2006 he initiated the removal of term limits, now he wants age limit lifted therefore we must stop this impunity,” he said.

“This is the time to break the silence against Museveni’s regime and we are going to mobilize the public through sensitizations, outreaches to protect the future of our children,” Mao said before his arrest.

According to Mao, the DP is going to petition MPs and local councils and then issue a voters book where protagonists against lifting of the presidential age limit will sign, with the aim of ensuring those who support the removal are defeated at elections.

“We must vaccinate that move before the disease attacks us,” Mao said adding that: “you cannot vaccinate a sick person or animals rather do it to prevent the sickness.”

Meanwhile, in a related development President Museveni yesterday rubbished those debating Article 102 (b), saying they are idlers who have nothing to do.


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