Barely three months since Ivan Ssemwanga’s death, Zari Hassan has sold off almost everything left behind by her late ex-husband, Ivan Ssemwanga.

According to her inlaws, she has already sold off two of the expensive cars left behind; a Lamborghini and BMW X6 while she has given the Range Rover Sport to her current husband, Tanzanian musician Diamond Platnumz.

Muyanja Lawrence also known as King Lawrence, a cousin to the late says that it’s Diamond Platnumz who has been cruising the vehicle. Sadly, Zari sold off the vehicles without consulting the others three members who were assigned to manage Ssemwanga’s estate.
The other three members include King Lawrence, Ritah Ssemwanga (sister) and George Ssemwanga Pinto (elder brother).

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These informed their uncle, Herbert Luyinda about the ongoing conflict among the managers of the estate and as you read this, Luyinda is in South Africa. He is scheduled to chair a crisis meeting today at Semwanga’s home in South Africa.

Meanwhile, Zari admits she sold off two of Semwanga’s cars but defends the decision, saying she wanted to raise money to pay off debts left behind by the late.

As for the Range Rover which is allegedly being driven by Diamond Platnumz, she says she “hid” it to prevent it from being impounded over taxes.

Among the properties that were left behind were the expensive cars, two houses in Sandton and Pretoria respectively and schools that include Brooklyn College also located in South Africa.



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