MEETING: US Rapper French Montana and Uganda's Ambassador to the US Adonia Ayebare in talks to help Ugandan mothers and children
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In addition to helping the ‘Ghetto Kids’ fly to the US to perform at the BET awards, US rapper French Montana donated Shs350 million to a Ugandan charity organization, Mama Hope Africa.

Further still, the ‘Unforgettable’ hit maker wants to be involved in improving the health of mothers and children in Uganda, and last week Montana met with the Ugandan Ambassador to the US Adonia Ayebare, over the issue.

Part of the groups that took part in the BET awards 2017 pose for a photo with French Montana

However, the response from Ugandans might make him think twice about the move as many think French Montana’s funds are less likely to reach the mothers and kids if they are channeled through government. Instead, they advise him to deal with NGOs if he really wants to help Ugandans.

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Joseph Armstrong Lukomu: When I saw the name of the ambassador you’re dealing with my heart just melted. Those guys have stolen everything in our country to the extent of forcefully taking our land now many are homeless because of those guys. I bet that charity won’t reach we’re it’s supposed to

Mutebi Robert Brown: Hunks Wrong move Mr French Montana ,anything wired through the Uganda government officials as funds to help the poor Will only be swindled to those fools accounts and it will all be stolen before it reaches its intended destination..

Luciano Myles: If you want to know how to improve health for moms and kids and the ‘underprivileged’ in Africa, don’t go to/through the Gov’t leaders/Politicians. Go directly to the people, hospitals, schools, villages, etc. Cuz we all know whatever help you render (esp’lly financial) through those so called gov’t pple more than half of it will get “LOST” along the way. Bitter truth.

Sebunya Martial Herera: Mr. French Montana anything involving funds never trust Ugandan officials. That guy laughing in front of u will deliver nothing to mums and suffering kids. He will instead buy houses and send you fake vidoes that he’s promoting the project..# Belive me am a Ugandan.

Tindyebwa Nebert
: Thanks but the people You’re dealing with will betray you.

Heavens Rey Kalyango: Anytime you want to be our president the office is open, the one we have is useless.

However, some applauded him for his big heart and love for Uganda.

Matovu Muusa: Thanx for loving our country unconditionally. May the good Lord bless the work of your hands.

Dr-Arnold Deus UG: Seriously may God bless u ,French Montana we all Ugandans we appreciate what u are doing to words us in teams of development.

Bryanhills Kyobe Soo proud of being from #africa @montana thnx for that loveng and caring heart.

French Montana has previously been involved in so many charity projects all over the globe, and a reasonable portion of his money goes towards charity.

In December of 2015, his boss, Diddy gave him a bonus of $1 million dollars (about Shs3.5billion)! Instead of buying a crazy expensive car or going on a luxurious trip, Montana decided to donate that money to a charity that will help educate children.

In 2003, French Montana was a victim of a shooting when he was shot in the head.

Fortunately enough, this incident did not take the young rapper’s life. He was able to recuperate before bouncing back to his regular self. “Situations like that make you realize that he was truly put on this earth for a reason,” he was once quoted to have said by BET TV.