UPDF soldiers carry the caskets containing the remains of their colleagues killed in Somalia
EC Village Verification

By Michael Woira

I sit here tonight in mourning over the death our peace makers and enforcers. Indeed, it is such a sad moment for us Ugandans and the families of the deceased men in uniform who are our heroes.

However, it is very sad to know that part of our society doesn’t appreciate the sacrifice made by our troops, proof being the social media criticism and politicization that followed news of the deaths.

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Many Ugandans used social media and other forms of media to politicize the incident that happened not knowing that a soldier who goes to war ideologically bears in mind that coming back from the battlefield can be an additional advantage but the major issue is making sure the mission is executed well.

Some people in this country think FREEDOM is free, well it isn’t. Look around the media, turn on the TV and look at the heroes that have died for this country; the Black, Yellow and Red insignia on their uniforms.

They truly love Uganda and the entire world and they wish peace for everyone as well as you who is reading this because deep down you feel it in your heart. I believe only service members’ families know how it feels to have someone in war die than the government and the army sometimes, because the latter expect that to happen in war ravaged areas.

We should all as Ugandans celebrate the life of these gallant servicemen who were in Somalia to make sure our brothers and sisters that side are peaceful; it’s an obligation for us all to always pray hard for those people who sacrifice their time and forego sleep, happiness, nice meals and family just to make sure we are safe in our areas of residence.

And for those on the peace keeping mission in Somalia and all security agencies in Uganda and all over the world, we are so proud of you! You have proven that valor and honor still exist.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping our country safe and permitting us to be free. My thoughts are with you always and may God rest the souls of our fallen soldiers.

Patriotic Ugandan