TO REGISTER MINERS: Minerals Development PS Dr Stephen Isabalija

In a bid to regulate gold mining activities in Kitumbi and Bukuya sub counties in Mubende district, the government is to register all local artisans operating there, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, Dr Stephen Isabalija, has said.

According to Dr Isabalija, the three-month exercise that will help his ministry to re-organise the mining activities in Mubende and the country at large, comes in the wake of an influx of foreigners sneaking in to extract iron ore and gold.

The PS said that to effectively manage the exercise the ministry will work in partnership with security agencies such as the Uganda Police, the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces as well as the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control under the the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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“Government has established the presence of an influx of people amongst which are foreigners from neighbouring countries and beyond that are involved in illegal mining in Kitumbi and Bukuya sub counties in Mubende district,” Dr Isabalija said in a recent statement.

According to Dr Isabalija, the unregulated activities of the miners negatively affecting the environment, safety and health of the people in the mining areas.

“In addition the presence of foreigners in these areas can result into a security threat to the people of the area and the country at large,” he says.


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