Bebe Cool with 5-year old Brenda Kyazike from Iganga, and the girl's mother

Popularly known for his music, it appears Bebe Cool’s other gift from God is having a big heart. Indeed, not a year passes without the ‘Go Mama’ musician helping those in need.

The girl’s medical condition

Well, on the backdrop of helping save baby Kayla, we have learnt that Bebe Cool has taken on an initiative to save another child; 5-year old Brenda Kyazike from Iganga, to get treatment for  a rare condition medically known as Cutis Verticis Gyrata.

And two weeks ago Kyazike was brought to Mulago together with her mum by Bebe Cool and it’s the musician who has been footing their bill for the period they have been in hospital.

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Kyazike is now set to undergo plastic Surgery at Kiruddu hospital and Bebe Cool has still pledged to pay all the bills.

Thanks Bebe Cool…..Your efforts won’t be in vain.


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