KCCA ED Jenifer Musisi

The Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has warned business owners and the general public in the city to be careful not lose their money to fraudsters claiming to be the Authority’s workers.

A statement released today indicates that no KCCA staff receives money for and or on behalf of the Authority, and urges the public to report any cases of fraud involving its staff.

Further, according to the KCCA, all payments are made through partnering banks or mobile communication pay platforms and terminals.

“The Management of KCCA (also) brings to the attention of the general public that there are individuals and groups of people masquerading as KCCA revenue collection staff,” the statement indicates in part.

It adds: “These elements are making fraudulent assessments for clients and sometimes picking cash from their unsuspecting victims claiming to make payment on their behalf to KCCA. Once the money is handed over, they issue their victims fraudulent licenses or even disappear with their money.”

Meanwhile, the statement says KCCA has reviewed and increased parking fees on all gazetted roads, streets and access roads in the city and will be effective on September 1st. “This review has since been published in the Uganda Gazette of 18th August 2017 as well other print media,” it says.

Vehicles owners will now pay Shs1000/ per hour which applies to the first two hours of uninterrupted parking in the same space. Shs 800 is charged for any time up to 30 minutes over and above the first two hours of uninterrupted parking mentioned above.

KCCA also says Multiplex Limited is the only authorized agent to collect and administer street parking in Kampala Capital City.