HARMONISE: SGR and NWSC staff in meeting yesterday

Partnering entities involved with the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) are set to harmonise their operations in a bid to minimize damage and waste especially at points where projects crisscross.

The revelation was made yesterday in Kampala as officials from the SGR project were updating their colleagues from the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) on the progress so far made, as the team prepares to launch construction of the new railway.

“NWSC is an important partner in the life cycle of the SGR project because infrastructure from both projects are crisscrossing at some points and there is need to harmonise them to avoid damage and waste,” said Eng. Emmanuel Iyamulemye, the SGR Deputy Coordinator.

According to SGR construction plans, re-location of utilities such as water pipes and electricity transmission lines are key to achieving a well-planned infrastructure. Other infrastructures affected include roads and factories among others.

SGR officials said the land acquisition exercise has seen about 3,000 people compensated, adding that when completed, the SGR will play a big role in Uganda’s social-economic development.

Eng. Iyamulemye lauded the NWSC for the cooperation and reiterated the importance of harmonizing infrastructure for the long term to avoid waste. He also reassured the NWSC team that every effort was being made to move the project forward to enable actual commencement of construction.

“SGR has intensified its engagement with different groups as a way of rallying them to take advantage of the opportunities around local content as well as embracing this transformative project. So far, private sector and several government agencies have been formally met,” Eng. Iyamulemye said.

The NWSC Director, Engineering Services, Eng. Alex Gisagara applauded SGR for continually engaging NWSC and other stakeholders and also commended SGR for sourcing cement locally, saying it will boost local industries.

“The next generation of our grandchildren will be proud of the work you are doing now. At NWSC, we are receiving SGR with open arms; no pipe will hinder development of SGR. We should adapt to change,” he said.