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By Cynthia Tumwine

Travelling is fun and is an experience most people should invest in. Whether it’s around Uganda or abroad, discovering new cultures, food and people can be quite eye opening. One of the most important things that people don’t really think about when travelling however, is what to wear on the trip.
With the long Eid Weekend coming up, here are a few things to consider as you head out on the fun adventure!

  1. Comfort
    Comfort is key when going on a trip. Usually whether someone is using a bus, train, plane or ferry, the chances are it will be a 30 minute or more journey which means that if what you are wearing is uncomfortable it could ruin your experience. Imagine sitting on a 3 hour or more flight in a super tight blouse or jeans and being unable to change during transit. Always pick something that will be comfortable the whole journey through.2. Culture of the place you are travelling to
    Different places in the world practice different cultures. Often times places may be characterized by the allowed dress code. In Muslim countries for example it is only respectful that you wear clothing that will cover most of the body because they are conservative. There are countries though where sun dresses and short pants are welcomed. Therefore, always research into the culture of the place you are travelling to so as to avoid standing out like a sore thumb, unless of course that is your intention.

    3. Be mindful of the weather
    This should be a no brainer. If it is cold then it is key to wear warm clothing, if it is hot or warm then light not so heavy clothes should be considered. Do not only focus on the weather of the place you are coming from but also that of the place you are travelling to.

4. Pack at least one outfit for each occasion casual and formal
Many a time you go on a trip with a specific purpose so you always know what outfits you will need. However, it’s always important to throw in an emergency outfit just in case you need to go to an abrupt work event or someone spontaneously proposes to their partner on a group trip and you need to go to dinner!

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5. Accessorize
The following accessories always come in handy on any trip especially for the ladies. So make sure you have these on your fashion list!