A section of the damaged Mbale-Tirinyi road at the River Mpologoma bridge

The arrest and detention of three Members of Parliament over the deteriorating state of Tirinyi road is shameful and only exposes police and Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) as being careless about the lives of innocent Ugandans that have perished along that road.

UNRA should have listened to the legislators on how possible the worsening state of the road can be addressed other than using the gullible police to intimidate and harass the people’s representatives.

The Iganga-Tirinyi-Mbale road has come of age, having been constructed in 1994 and this is thanks to the people then who oversaw its construction, not like today’s roads where it is constructed in 2017 and by end of 2018, it is full of potholes!

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Indeed, passengers and people living along that road will agree that the number of accidents hasincreased due to the dug-up trenches left behind by UNRA contractors.

Meanwhile, farmers who used to sell cereals by the roadside say the goods are no longer being bought because of the dust and that the dug-up trenches are now ‘rivers’ that carry water into people’s homes since the place is flat area.

The only alternative is for UNRA officials to swallow their pride and apologise to the Members of Parliament because in any case, they have a right to complain.

Otherwise, will UNRA also arrest President Yoweri Museveni if he complains about the sorry state of a given road?


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