The singing duo of Moses Nakintije aka Mowzey Radio (RIP) and Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel
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The singing duo of Radio and Weasel has come under the management of Emma Carlos, who was once the manager of faded artist Coco Finger, Spice Diana and Khalifah Aganaga.

According to sources, Emma Carlos was hired after Lawrence Labeja, the former manager of Radio and Weasel left for the US to attend the UNAA Convention in Miami, Florida, without the two singers, in the process angering them.

This, sources said, was after Radio and Weasel refused to travel to the US when the convention organisers availed them with ‘economy’ class air tickets.

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However, sources say the failure by the two to travel affected Labeja’s plans, forcing him to cut short his stay in the US after he failed to meet his hotel bills.