A singer entertains crowds at the Jamafest

Kicking off Saturday on a low note that was characterised by criticisms of low publicity for the event, Ugandans have finally embraced the East African Cultural Festival, Jamafest.

This turnaround was evidenced by the multitudes at the three venues; Kololo, National Theater and Hotel Africana, that are hosting the week-long event.

Troupe members entertain crowds at the Jamafest

Indeed after realising the fun they had been missing out, it turned out yesterday was the biggest day of the festival in terms of entertainment and attendance.

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The day started with wrestling, traditional board games like Omweso and ludo. Next was screenings of local films, drama and storytelling before winding down with performances from dance troupes including Triple Mars, Nyenya Cultural troupe, Pride Performers Africa and Crane Hill School.

At the main stage were performances from Jekaki band and Jinong’ite band among others, leaving revellers sweating after pulling out their best strokes.

In what appears to maintain or even better the pace set yesterday, the organisers have lined up a yet fun-filled program for the second straight day.

The festival returned today with a continuation of the symposium that began yesterday. It closes today at Hotel Africana with key resolutions. Sessions will delve into; Cultural and culture industries for regional and national development; Harnessing the legal and policy frameworks for cultural development; Fostering and developing languages for regional cultural exchange and development.

At Kololo: exhibitions and open market continue, kids games, ekigwo (wrestling), traditional board games (mweso, ludo, cards), storytelling (tontoma), performances by Kiconco cultural troupe of Uganda, Tasuba band from Tanzania, Sengenya Asili from Kenya, Karo Karungi Troupe of Uganda, Masai Mara cultural troupe from Kenya, Burundian drummers, Pawindi Larakaraka of Uganda, Nsisi band of Kenya, Milege music band of Uganda, and guest artist Swahili Ally. Venue opened at 10am and closes at 7pm.

At National Theatre: Film screening of Gito L’lngrant by Leonce Ngabo from Burundi at 12pm, and another film from Kenya at 2pm. At 7pm, we shall have the comedy night live featuring Pablo of Uganda, Vitimbi of Kenya and performances by bands from Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania (mwela theatre).

Free entry for all events besides the symposium.


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