Evelyn Anite

State Minister for Privitisation and Investment, Evelyn Anite has called on Parliament administration to procure breathalyzers to curb on the number of MPs who debate under the influence of alcohol.

Anite made the request this yesterday while responding to remarks by Aruu County MP, Odonga Otto who asked Deputy Speaker, Jacob Oulanyah to refer to the Minister to the Disciplinary Committee.

In his address, Odonga had accused Anite of leaking the list of NRM MPs supporting the removal of Presidential Age Limit, which saw rowdy voters beat up a woman down town Kampala, after they mistook her for Rakai Woman MP, Juliet Kinyamatama.

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“I was going to ask the Speaker that we should get an alcohol mouth tester to taste the quantity of booze on their mouths,” the Minister said.

She also added; “Debating when you are drunk isn’t allowed. Drunk driving isn’t allowed. Drunk debating driving isn’t sober way of debating in the August House we will test their mouths.”

In her re-battle, Anite said that it wasn’t her but the disgraced Odonga that needed to be thrown out of the August House.

Anite also noted; “He doesn’t deserve the title to be called Honourable. A man that moves out a gun that is meant to protect himself and points it out to shoot at the civilian who is defenseless. No one raised the issue in this House.”

She dared Odonga to go ahead with the move threatening to awaken his earlier sins and have him thrown out of Parliament saying; “Now he has actually reminded us that we must dismiss him out of the House with disgrace for pulling a gun against a civilian.”

The Koboko Municipality MP also wondered under which capacity Odonga would move to censure her firing back that the people who sent her to the August House don’t come from Aruu but rather Koboko.

“They sent me here to represent them for five years. It will not be Odonga to casually say that Anite must be dismissed,” Anite remarked.


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