Sam Lyomoki1

National Resistance Movement Rebel MPs have revealed plans of tabling a bill outlining on President Yoweri Museveni’s succession.

Sam Lyomoki, Workers MP made the revelation today at Parliament during a media briefing saying the new law is aimed at assuring Museveni of a peaceful retirement.

Named ‘The Museveni Succession, Transition and Immunities Bill 2017’, the new law if passed will give Museveni immunity from prosecution upon leaving office.

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Lyomoki said that the retirement package will only stand if he leaves office peacefully.

Detailing the stage his Bill has reached, Lyomoki told journalists that he had already filed a notice with Speaker’s office to file a motion seeking leave of Parliament to table a private member’s Bill.

He explained; “I put a motion for what is called the Museveni Succession and Immunity’s Bill 2017. Because you see, our President is fearing and also other people. The Bill will cater for his retirement so that no one pursues him. But that’s if he goes peacefully.”

Although Lyomoki’s bill is likely to receive support from both the NRM and Opposition Members, it will need a constitutional amendment because the 1995 Constitution only gives the sitting President immunity from prosecution.