The Minister for Local Government Tom Butime

Government has with immediate effect abolished all daily parking fees for Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) in urban authorities and the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA).

According to the directive, all PSVs will pay a single annual fee of Shs1.2 million to urban authorities, Shs 1.44 million for those operating in the environs of KCCA, while buses will Shs 5.76 million per annum (Shs 240,000 per month) to the respective urban authority.

In a press statement delivered to journalists at the Uganda Media Centre, the Minister for Local Government Tom Butime revealed that a management team was established to oversee the process of eliminating multiple taxation in the informal sector, noting that it mainly affects local governments.

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Meanwhile, Kampala minister Betty Kamya has said that her ministry will help drivers start SACCOs, and that all fees levied on different categories of vehicles will be paid in the banks.

Currently, taxi drivers have been required to pay different amounts of money depending on the ‘rules and procedures’ of a given stage.


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