Dr. Besigye and other opposition activists, while he addressed the press at his Kasangati home

Former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) presidential candidate Col (rtd) Kizza Besigye has today re-launched the ‘walk to work’ campaign, with many saying it is aimed at empowering Ugandans to overthrow the current National Resistance Movement (NRM) government.

Dr. Besigye draping a red ribbon, the symbol of anti-age limit removal protagonists

Addressing a press conference at his Kasangati home, Dr. Besigye, draping a red ribbon, the symbol of anti-age limit removal protagonists, also urged supporters to abandon their private vehicles on Tuesdays “as other actions are rolled out until the NRM regime collapses.”

Following the 2011 elections which Dr. Besigye said were rigged he launched similar campaigns against President Yoweri Museveni’s regime, prompting the government to respond with brutal force in which he was tear-gassed by police.

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And in a press briefing at his home today, Dr. Besigye said the anti-regime campaign he launched is not partisan, but one for all Ugandans.

“We must show this government that this is our country we are fed up of being slaves in our country,” the four-time presidential candidate said, adding that people are working so hard but cannot afford a single meal every day.

He said the regime had instilled fear in Ugandans, and that the elite had shown a lackadaisical attitude towards what is going on in the country.

“The reason why Ugandans are held captive is because those holding them captive have paralyzed them with fear. We have a population that lives in fear, they have been bombarded,” Dr. Besigye said.

He added: “They (elites) are agents of the people in power, they legitimatize their agenda, we must start the process of isolating them. People think this is a ‘Besigye thing’; it’s not and it has never been. Even during ‘walk to work’, I was just an activist.”

According to Dr. Besigye, President Museveni will soon be stopped in his tracks.

“Though it has taken time, he (Museveni) is already naked, he has been receiving a bloody nose everywhere he has been going with his land campaign,” Dr. Besigye asserted.

Over the years Dr. Besigye and other opposition politicians have s carried out anti-regime  campaigns such as Kogikwatako, Black Mondays, Black Wednesdays aimed at ending President Museveni’s now 31-year rule.

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