LEFT: Raymond Mujuni

When rumour surfaced last month indicating that NTV reporter Raymond Mujuni had quit the station, he vehemently denied the reports.

However, just weeks after the reports, he has finally confirmed he won’t be working with the Serena-based station anymore, and is reportedly headed to the NBS TV.

“I am leaving NTV proud of the work we have accomplished as a team in finding the truth. I hold my head high for the opportunity we have had to express the voice of the voiceless, to use our stories in the search for justice and for the balance and editorial fairness we have accorded everyone, the very basic of journalism,” he writes in a statement he shared today on his blog.

Stories Continues after ad

“I will, in the coming week join a new team principally to build the institution of investigative story-telling and find more attractive ways of telling stories to younger and determining audiences – to create the blue ocean of media consumption.”

At NBS, he will be earning about Shs3million, which is no doubt the main reason why he dumped NTV for NBS.

According to a new policy which was passed in July this year by NTV, employees earn per story published and time on air, reason why NTV employees have reportedly been crossing to other stations.


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