Ange Kagame, Rwanda President Paul Kagame's daughter

Recently, when a Kenyan political activist took to air his ‘grievances’ with the Rwandan government, the party at the receiving end of the rather daring rebukes was not a politician but rather Ange Kagame, President Paul Kagame’s daughter.

It all began when the active and vocal First Daughter of Rwanda sought to engage a one Robert Alai, who felt that the penalty of 20 years behind bars for Diane Rwigara, the politician who dared contest against President Kagame in the recent presidential elections in Rwanda were too high a price to pay, especially in a country that claims to uphold democracy.

The First daughter was quick to point out the ‘redundancy’ of his tweet and said she would hold him in her prayers, while alluding to his mental capabilities.

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“Praying for your critical thinking….& that you stop regurgitating headlines & information,” Ange Kagame tweeted, prompting quick responses by the Kenyans, who made known their qualms with the current government of Rwanda.

Another social media influencer known as @Lord Mutai immediately jumped on the thread and rebuked the first daughter; calling out her sense of self entitlement.

He said that President Kagame would eventually have to leave power and that his family would suffer.

“Your reply @AngeKagame is utterly stupid and smells ‘entitlement’. You dad can’t stay in power forever. He will leave and you shall cry,” Lord Mutai wrote.

But the First Daughter was not to be outdone, quickly pointing out the media  personalities’ grammar errors and lack of judgement.

“Lol. I think you meant *smells of* & *your*. 24 hrs in your day, though. Don’t spend them hurling insults at strangers. God Bless,” she fired back.

It was at this point that the Kenyans on Twitter, notorious for their ever ongoing social media wars decided to take their gloves off, calling the president of Rwanda a dictator and repressive leader.

isaac ombati‏ @caspher4

Replying to @AngeKagame

@PaulKagame is slowly mutating into a dictator. Power corrupts. though his leadership ain’t bad, Even Hitler never had bad intentions.

Geoffrey Nyakang’o‏ @Nyakango

Replying to @AngeKagame

The kind of political repression in Rwanda will at the end of the day result to armed struggle. Without freedom all other efforts are useless

Tom JM‏ @TomJMO

Replying to @akady1 @floriane27071 @AngeKagameKagame must respect the Constitution. Not changing it however/whenever, like a baby changes diapers. He must let divergent opinion prevail.”



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