Loading power on pre-paid meter. The ERA has released 'End of Year' tariffs

Electricity consumers in Uganda will pay less for a unit of power in the last three months of 2017, a release by the regulator, the Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA), indicates.

According to ERA, domestic consumers will pay Shs685.6 per unit, which is 1.6 percent less than the base tariff, while commercial consumers will pay Shs619.1 per unit.

The tariff for large industries and extra-large industries is to drop by 2.2 percent to Shs368.1 and Shs364.6, respectively, from the base tariff and, compared to the previous quarter, large industries will pay 0.24 percent less for each unit while extra-large industries are to be charged 0.33 percent less.

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‘Electricity in the last quarter will cost 1.83 percent less than the year’s base tariff on a weighted average basis, due to a stronger shilling and weaker global fuel prices,’ the ERA release states in part.

Meanwhile, the tariff for medium industrial consumers dropped 1.7 percent to Shs568, and that of street lighting by 1.5 percent to Shs669.5.


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