EXPECTING COUPLE: Zuena and husband Bebe Cool

Whereas Bebe Cool claims in his song ‘Katono’ that anything, even ‘small in size’ can work for him, it appears this doesn’t apply when it comes to the number of his children.

Zuena holding placard announcing the expected arrival of the little Ssali

“It’s popping out, get ready to dance daddy,” read a placard held Sunday by Zuena at her baby shower party.

What’s ready to pop out is the couple’s fifth child and as is custom, the ‘Mboozi za malwa’ singer seems not only prepared to dance but also to send Zuena to the US, where almost all her kids have been born.

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FEELING THE BEAT: Bebe Cool and Zuena do ‘their thing’ at the baby shower party

“To you my wife, you are a special human being, one that I couldn’t have stayed without, one that I prayed to God for. You have given it all and as I stand to say nothing I can do to make it up to you, I know Allah will reward you for your effort and love. I wish you a well as you set to bring us another member of the SSALI family. I will always be by your side. And by the way you look gorgeous day by day. I love you,” Bebe Cool said about his wife.

Zuena is already a mother to four children; Beata Ssali, Caysan Ssali, Alpha Thierry Ssali and Deen Ozil Ssali, though her husband Bebe Cool has another child, Hendrick Ssali, who was born before the couple met.


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