Comedian Patrick Idringi aka Salvador

Comedian Patrick Idringi aka Salvador is pleading with his one-time closest friend-turned-foe Alex Muhangi to give him audience before throwing away their friendship altogether.

“”You know how much I’ve had your back and I’ve supported you. Why then think I can go behind your back and stab you? Come on man, at least hate me and end our relationship after hearing me out,” Salvador wrote.

He added: “If you have a problem, just respect our friendship if at all it is still there and meet me and we talk. Blocking me and talking in parables won’t help.”

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Salvador’s pleas follow Muhangi’s rant shared on social media yesterday, while highlighting the reasons he left Diners Lounge, the home for his comedy outfit ‘Comedy Stores’. According to Muhangi, it was mainly because of backstabbing from his closest friends.

“Today’s rebels are within, watch out for the ones closest to you. They’re praying to take your Job, to take whatever you’ve tirelessly worked to achieve.

Much as you think you’re doing them good, they walk closer to you, waiting for that one chance for you to press one eye, look aside and they take u down,” reads part of Muhangi’s rant.

“A couple of weeks ago, we had amidst us the most rated Comedy Show in our land, very successful well produced and very funny, I was starting to get comfortable I didn’t realise rebels were on standby,” he added.

According to Muhangi,  he came to learn about the ‘hatred’ at the time he was away to the just concluded UNAA Convention in Miami, US.

“Within just two weeks out of town, I dashed out to host The UNAA Convention in Miami, we almost lost “Comedy Store”, My ‘friends’ while I was away, came in into my former home with all these promises under the umbrella ‘we can do it better than Muhangi’ managed to convince the management which gave them a chance,” Muhangi said.

When he returned from the US he again flew out a few days later to host the UK Convention.

“By the time I came back it was too late for me but I never saw it coming. Living in denial, the management was already convinced but they couldn’t say because I still had one Big Eric Omondi Show to do. After the successful show, those of you who came, you saw it, it had Bebe Cool on as well.

This is when the management showed me its true colours; they arrogantly refused to clear their side of bargain, indirectly asking me to leave.

“I had to look for money to clear the debts. Two days after, we met I had thought they would change their minds of which they didn’t, we understood each other, shook hands, agreed to disagree, so i was on the street.”

Apparently that’s how he left Diners for his new place the 400 Bar & Restaurant, Bukoto which is just a few meters away from Diners.

However, Salvador thinks he is the ‘rebel’ that Muhangi is referring to in his rant.


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