The ERB Chairman, Eng.Dr.Michael M. Odongo

The number of registered engineers in Uganda is still low compared to other countries in the East African region, top officials in the country’s engineering field have warned ahead of the second Engineers Registration Enhancement Programme that is slated for December 14-16, 2017.

According to Eng. Dr. Dorothy Okello, the President of Uganda Institute of Professional Engineers (UIPE) and Eng. Dr. Michael M.Odongo, the Chairman of the Engineers Registration Board (ERB), the failure to register as required by law has cost local engineers jobs at huge projects like the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR), Karuma and Isimba hydropower projects and the oil projects in the Albertine Graben.

“Due to the low number of registered engineers, participation by Ugandans is still low, Uganda’s top two Engineers said as they announced the enhancement programme.

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The Engineers Registration Act Cap 271 provides that for an Engineer to practice in Uganda, he must be a member of UIPE and must be registered with ERB.

To register, Engineers must show evidence of two years of pupillage training and an additional two years under the guidance of a registered engineer.

“The candidates are further required to submit a career report and technical report showing they have addressed engineering challenges at work,” the two officials said.


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