MP Jackson Kafuuzi making a submission during the committee session. With him is Igara WEst MP Raphael Magyezi
EC Village Verification

The Igara West MP Raphael Magyezi has this afternoon stormed out of legal and parliamentary affairs committee, following a massive shout down by opposition committee members, while he presented the private members bill that is aimed at lifting presidential age limit capped at 75 years.

The development followed a directive by members to Magyezi, to take an oath, but hardly had he started submission than opposition MPS led by Kira Municipality legislator Ibrahim Semujju Nganda, saying the mover of the bill did not know what was contained in the documents he was floating, and that the documents were forged.

But in his Defence, Magyezi said: “Why should I take oath about a document written and presented by myself, the mover of the bill.

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However, according to Semujju Nganda, part of Magyezi’s bill was written after he moved it.  And, in free fall, Kumi Woman MP Monica Amoding got up from her seat and switched off the microphone, prompting Magyezi and the seconds of his bill Jackson Kafuzi and Moses Balyeku, to storm out of the committee.

Earlier during the morning session Magyezi had threatened to petition Speaker Rebecca Kadaga, to compel the committee to expedite its scrutiny of the bill that he said, was being ‘delayed’.

On September 27, Magyezi was granted leave to move the private members bill in 45 days, but 28 days down the road the Igara West legislator says the committee has not sorted out administrative issues.

“If the committee continues to delay, as the mover of the bill I will request the Speaker to directly take the age limit bill to the next step; much as the Speaker has a prerogative to send the bill to committee, she then has the ability to move it to the next step,” Magyezi said.

He added: “I am ready today, tomorrow or any other day and I have handed in all justifications to why I introduced the bill and reasons to why at this period of time.”

Meanwhile, during the morning session, Semujju Nganda had accused committee chair Jacob Oboth Oboth of helping Magyezi to ‘rush’ the bill.

“Uganda is not ending tomorrow; don’t rush us like secondary school students,” Semujju told Oboth Oboth, before turning his guns to Magyezi.

“Whether Magyezi appears with his ‘wife’ (Jackson Kafuuzi), I don’t care, Magyezi is too early for the bill, you will not die tonight,” Semujju told Magyezi.

However, Jackson Kafuuzi demanded that Semujju withdraw the insult of calling him ‘Magyezi’s wife’, which the former responded in the affirmative.

Amon Ainebyona aka Vicks Kingo

In a related development veteran ‘politician’ Amon ‘Bush’ Ainebyona aka Vicks Kingo, turned up unexpectedly during the session, claiming he was invited to give his views about the bill.

But committee chairman Oboth Oboth told him to come back on November 21, saying Ainebyona, a man who once picked forms to run for presidency, will be granted chance to present his arguments.