Forum for Democratic Change presidential candidate Patrick Amuriat Obol has threatened to go on hunger strike if police does not release three party activists who were arrested on October 20 in Rukungiri, where he had organised a political rally to campaign for the FDC top job.

“I have decided to go on hunger strike till police releases the three FDC political activists; we are not going to rest until this mission is accomplished,” Mr. Amuriat said in respect to the arrest of Ronald Muhinda, Darius Tweyambe and Brain Atuhairwe Batenda, the youth chairman for Kanungu, who were arrested two weeks ago and reportedly brought to Kampala, “where they were tortured”.

“These people suffered serious bruises and serious wounds, and our call to the police is either release or charge these people,” Amuriat said at a press conference held at the FDC offices on Katonga Road.

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He added: “We as activists are going to carry all sorts of action to ensure that these people gain back the freedom.”

Two weeks ago FDC supporter Edison Nasasira was killed by a bullet during protests, that culminated in the arrest of former FDC presidential candidate Col. Kizza Besigye, Patrick Amuriat, FDC secretary for mobilisation Ingrid Tulinawe and Rukungiri councilor Innocent Tashobya.

The four were detained at Naggalama police station for four days before being taken back to Rukungiri where they were granted bail by the magistrate’s court.