Mr Ronald Muhinda
EC Village Verification

Former Radio one and Parliament reporter Ronald Muhinda has now spent close to two weeks in police custody without charge and without being produced before a competent court for trial.

The journalist cum media aide to lead opposition leader and former presidential candidate Kizza Besigye was picked at Rukungiri locked up in Western Uganda, released by court and then rearrested.

The Opposition leader was in Rukungiri to appear before court to answer charges of malicious damage to property. However he was rearrested by police after being given bail.

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EagleOnline understands that Mr Muhinda has gone on hunger strike to oppose his detention without trial.

Speaking to EagleOnline, police spokesperson, Asan Kasingye said he is not sure whether Mr Muhinda is still in detention but even if he were, he can’t do much to secure his release.
“I was told that there were six of them who were released among those we arrested in Rukungiri. I don’t know whether he is among them because I haven’t cross checked. There are others still in and he could be among them but they will be released.

“I have been in contact with the officer holding them but he has no powers to release them. As you know my job is to give information so I can’t help because I am not the officer in charge,” he said.
As part of his job, Mr Muhinda has become famous for posting anti-government vitriol on social media, most recent being his posts against the ongoing move to have the constitution amendment to pave way for a life presidency.