RIP: Sgt Kifulugunyu

Veteran army serviceman and renowned entertainer, Sergeant Stanley Ssempala aka Sergeant Kifulugunyu has passed on after serving in the army for 43 years.

Kifulugunyu died Tuesday reportedly of an epileptic attack, after he was rushed to hospital using a cart (ekigali) but unfortunately, never made it. His body was taken to his home in Kawempe, and by the time of going to press, little was known about the burial arrangements as the army had not made any announcement regarding his death.

Ironically, at the time of his death aged 74, Sgt. Kifulugunyu, who joined the army in the 1970s, had only managed to land a rank of a Sergeant.

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During his time in the army, he is remembered for having been the chief composer of 1986 NRA liberation war songs such as Kino Kyekiseera, Mwoto Nawaaka, Nitasonga and Kibonge among others, songs which played a crucial role to boost morale for then rebel soldiers.

And by the time of his death, he earned a living from the same. He survived by vending his music CDs on foot that he has been hawking all over Kampala and its suburbs.

RIP Sgt Kifulugunyu.


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