Apophia Mudduawulira
EC Village Verification

By Apophia Mudduawulira

Many things can be resisted but this other thing; an inner call to attend to the voices on the other side.

You still feel so empty not because you have not eaten enough. You have eaten so much and want to eat much more! You will feel the same way as time passes by. Broaden your thinking a little further but that may frustrate your concentration because the answer is very far from you. It’s a void that needs to be filled not by what you thought. You have wasted so much time trying to fill your emptiness and in the process affected so many. Their voices are also being heard from a distance; they are loud enough.

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By trying to fill the void with what you thought, many have suffered because of what you thought. You thought that the emptiness could be filled with Money, it has not. You thought may be with Power, it has not. You thought may Be, but still it has not. It’s a pity, it’s all vanity.

That void is filled by the omnipresent – the ever present spirit being. You can not experience this unless you let Him in your life to be the Lord and Saviour by confession, to let Him take charge; that is what makes the whole difference. It’s no longer you that live but Him in you.  You will never experience what you resist. He is called the Sovereign God, through Jesus Christ by His Spirit.