A billboard announcing Tarrus Riley Concert in Uganda

With less than ten days to go for the long awaited show by Tarrus Riley, the singer has confirmed its cancellation, saying the promoters had failed to secure a sponsor.

“’It is amazing how quickly we as black brothers and sisters tend to speak badly of each other without getting all the facts; I have waited my entire career and it was like a dream come true to play in Kampala, Uganda. My team has held this date for over three months only to receive an email from the promoters of the event two days ago which stated “Unfortunately, due to events beyond my control, our exclusive sponsor for the event, notified me only last week that they would not be fulfilling their contractual obligations…Due to this situation I am asking that we reschedule for a time when I am able to generate capital and secure a diversified sponsor base to make the concert happen,”’ the reggae crooner, who couldn’t hide his disappointment after that long wait, wrote.

“My team and I are VERY disappointed but this is no fault of mine,” he summed up his statement.

Tarrus Riley, son to reggae legend Jimmy Riley is popularly known in Uganda for his hits like ‘Cool me down’, ‘Don’t come back’, ‘Just the way you are’ and ‘Gimme likkle one drop’.

He was scheduled to perform in Uganda on December 1.