Former FDC president Gen. Mugisha Muntu addresses the press at Hotel Africana. With him is strong ally Kira MP Ibrahim Semujju Nganda

Former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) president Major General Gregory Mugisha Muntu has today said he respects the outcome of the party presidential elections, and pledged to work with his newly- elected successor Patrick Amuriat Obol.

Gen. Mugisha Muntu at today’s press conference

Addressing a press conference at Hotel Africana, Gen. Muntu said he would focus his energies on strengthening party cohesion.

“Despite significant differences within the party which some members feel are irreconcilable, we intend to pursue a consultative process to talk about these differences and way of solving them because the FDC delegates meeting that climaxed with the election of party president was not a competition between individuals but a competition between strategies and ideologies,” Gen. Muntu said.

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“There are certain dynamics that are developing in this country and we need to critically examine them; we want to make an informed decision through carefully considered decisions,” Gen. Muntu said, adding that  there is need for parties to concentrate on building a new political culture in order to rejuvenate politics in the country.

Meanwhile, despite many saying Gen. Muntu would form a new party after losing the FDC presidential elections, he emphasized his allegiance to both the party and new FDC leader.



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