Members who participated in the Art in Me Festival last time.

The Third Edition of the African Sounds Art Exhibition is slated to take place tomorrow at Speak Hotel, Kampala Julius Ssekajja, the Director of Life and Hope Uganda, a community-based non-governmental organization which supports the vulnerable of the Ugandan society through charity.
The organization, according to Ssekajja supports groups like streets kids, orphans and albinos, among others by donating items such as used clothes among others.
Hundreds of young artists are expected to exhibit their artistic skills and items to the public, says Ssekajja, a professional artist himself. Funds raised from products sold go towards running Life and Hope Uganda charitable activities.
Life and Hope Uganda runs The Art in Me Program which enrolls young people into a holistic learning approach that embraces academic excellence without ignoring talent and skill development with emphasis on talent-based hands-on skills, innovation and creativity. “The program showcases the different roles art plays in society as well as facilitating skill development in the field of art,” says Ssekajja.
According to Ssekajja, different age groups compete and learn together in related artistic fields which include drawing, painting, molding, pottery, craftworks, sculpture as well as creative music and dance performances.
The Art Exhibition is platform that gives youth to showcase their works, as an aftermath of mentorship
Funds raised from products sold proceed towards the Art In Me Festival and other Life and Hope Uganda Activities.

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