School-going kids from the Ugandan Jewish community

A Jewish organisation, Kulanu, has boosted education in a few African countries including Uganda.

Following the completion of an educational census of the Ugandan Abayudaya (Jewish) community was successfully completed, the Kulanu-supported Abayudaya Elementary School was constructed, and currently boasts of 386 students (of which 207 are Jewish, 91 Muslim and 88 Christian) with 42 staff members.

Purchases of chairs, desks, a photocopier, textbooks, and a laptop have improved student and teacher productivity, with students also registering success in music, dance, and drama at the national level.

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However, Uganda isn’t the only African beneficiary of Kulanu’s programmes; in Kenya the organisation provided a computer classroom and funded electricity and internet access to Jewish study websites.

Students also received school tuition assistance, uniforms, school supplies, and food to support educational success.

In Zimbabwe, the Harare Lemba Synagogue received support for its ongoing operations, as well as $6000 for emergency food during a time of environmental and political crisis, and funds for a sustainable irrigation program to ensure access to food long-term.

The leader Modreck Maeresera, spent three months in Israel studying at Rabbi Shlomo Riskin’s rabbinical school, Ohr Torah Stone.


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