First Isimba dam turbine being lowered in its place

The first turbine unit at the Isimba 183 Megawatt hydropower project has been lowered in its position, another milestone in the development of the flagship hydropower project.

The lowering of the turbine signifies one step closer to completion of this project, experts say. It took place amidst salute and jubilation from other technical members not directly involved in the turbine installation works. For the contractor, it was a nail biting experience that ended all too well.

The Isimba 183MW) Hydropower Project shall have four turbines each with an installed capacity of 45.8MW. Three turbines remain to be lowered and the last one is expected in July, 2018. The turbines were manufactured by ZHEFU CO.Ltd from Hangzhou, China. ZHEFU is a renowned and certified hydropower mechanical equipment manufacturer with first class international standards.

The dam’s civil structure has a life span of 100 years and 50-years for the hydro mechanical equipment, respectively. The contractor has got a 2-year defect liability period after undertaking of the project. Compared to other dam facilities across Africa, this turbine unit at Isimba was a better deal for the country for its runner shafts are made of stainless steel.

The Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited (UEGCL) maintains that this project is on schedule and will be completed in the coming year 2018.