Outgoing Archbishop Church of the Province of Uganda, Most Rev. Stanley Ntagali.

The Church has warned Government against passing of the controversial Age Limit Bill, saying the move is likely to leave a number of Ugandans antangonised.

Under their umbrella body, the Uganda Joint Christian Council (UJCC), the church leaders said that despite imploring Government to establish a Constitutional Review Commission to allow Ugandans contribute their desired changes to the Constitution, their request was rejected.

Church of Uganda Archbishop Stanley Ntagali, the Chairperson of UJCC, while addressing journalists this morning at Namirembe Cathedral in Kampala said: “The current approach of seeking to amend the Constitution through a Private Member’s is in a way retrogressive.”

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The Men of God added that the process underway Parliament will rob the Constitution of its per-eminent status.

“As things stand now, it is likely that the age limit Bill may be passed by Parliament but we are of the view that the passage of the Bill will leave a huge number of Ugandans antangonised. It will also dampen the prospect of any peaceful and orderly handover of power,” Ntagali, who also doubles as head of Anglican Church, said.

However, the Church also raised concerns with Government’s failure to uproot the cancer of corruption that has eaten up souls in the country.

In his remarks, Archbishop Ntagali said that corruption has become systemic and widespread, and no longer triggers any shame or remorse on the part of perpetrators.

He didn’t waste time playing his pastoral role and warned that failure by Government to bring to book the perpetrators, has left them emboldened.

“We wish to remind Ugandans that corruption is an evil that is condemned by the scripture. We also wish to remind the Government of Uganda that not enough has been done to fight corruption. Ugandans would like to have decisive actions taken against people who plunder public resources for personal benefit,” Archbishop Ntagali said.