Dr Sam Lyomoki takes the parliamentary Oath of Allegiance as Workers MP

Outspoken Workers Member of Parliament Sam Lyomoki has accused the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga of being biased against the opposition.

“Speaker, you are being biased against the minority. You are supposed to be impartial and not take sides. If there are issues of debate, then they should be debated about,” Dr. Lyomoki said during debate on the removal of the age limit clause, 102 (b).

Parliament is debating a report drafted by the legal and parliamentary affairs committee chaired by Markson Jacob Oboth Oboth, but those opposed to the removal of the age limit clause say there are some procedural inconsistencies, including the failure by the committee to carry out regional consultations.

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‘It is on record that the Committee didn’t go for regional consultations because Parliament leadership reversed the decision to conduct regional consultations,’ Monica Amoding, one of the few National Resistance Movement (NRM) MPs against the age limit removal bill, said.

However, in defence Speaker Kadaga said it is not the leadership of Parliament that reversed the decision.

‘The allegation that leadership of Parliament reversed that decision. If you don’t have that letter, then withdraw that allegation,’ she said, adding: ‘Table any letter the speaker wrote reversing decision of Committee to travel for regional consultations’.

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