Court of Appeal has this morning sent David Chandi Jamwa, former Managing Director NSSF back to the coolers after throwing out his application to have his 12 year jail sentence set aside.
Mr Jamwa was found guilty of selling National Social Security Fund (NSSF) bonds to the now defunct Crane Bank before their maturity date which caused financial loss to the fund to the tune of Shs3.1billion
He appealed the ruling challenging the late Anti-Corruption Court Judge John Bosco’s Katutsi’s judgment, where he convicted him of causing financial loss and abuse office. Justice Katutsi also banned Jamwa for 10 years from holding any public office.
However, the appellant judges, Kenneth Kakuru and Opiyo Aweri, today agreed with the late Katusti saying that he properly evaluated and reached the right decision and conclusion in convicting the troubled former NSSF Managing Director.
The two judges observed that Jamwa as well aware that selling government treasury bonds to Crane bank before their maturity date would cause financial loss to NSSF but instead insisted on authorizing the sale. They actually added another four years for abuse of office, which sentences are supposed to be served concurrently.
It was only Justice Steven Kavuma who dissented with his colleagues.
Important to note is that since Mr Jamwa has been out on bail for seven years since 2011, Mr Jamwa will only serve 5 years in jail since bail time is also considered to be part of the sentence.

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