If you are a parent who feeds your kids on exotic powdered milk, take note that the French firm Lactalis has recalled its products from the local stalls because they are believed to contain a poisonous organism, Salmonela, which can cause fatal infections.

Next time you go to the Supermarket, look out for Picot powdered infant milk, and other milk product brands like Milunel and Celi. They are the most affected Lactalis products that have been recalled, according to a statement released by the Uganda Bureau of Standards.

“The UNBS is performing market surveillance inspections to ensure that affected products are removed from the market and carry out further laboratory tests to establish whether the products on the market are contaminated.

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“All UNBS Imports inspectors at border points have been notified to withhold consignments with dairy products from Lactalis Group until such a time when we are satisfied that the product recall has been completed,” reads a statement from UBOS.

It adds, “UNBS would like to advise consumers to avoid buying the mentioned brand until the product recall has been completed.
“The UNBS will continue to perform its mandate of enforcing standards to protect consumer health and safety and the environment against dangerous and sub-standard products.”

Late last year, Lactalis announced it suspected its products to be contaminated but had not said whether Uganda was affected.
Company spokesman Michel Nalet, told AFP, at that time that “nearly 7,000 tonnes” of production may have been contaminated, but the company is unable to say currently how much remains on the market, has been consumed or is in stock.
Lactalis is one of the world’s biggest producers of dairy products. It sells its baby milk in packets ranging from 350-950 grams which are marketed globally under a host of brand names, including Milumel, Picot and Celi.

Click on the link below for the press release.
UNBS press Release_ about Lactalis milk ban